"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope" -Jeremiah 29:11

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Hey guys i know i havent blogged in a while and im going to try to start again. But for now i would love if everyone watched my singing videos on youtube!





Just a luttle update

Tattoos, Sin Or Not?

 Tattoos are a sin. If you were a real Christian you wouldn’t get any. God doesn’t approve of them, in the bible it says not to get them. When we die, do you really want to go to heaven and stand before your God covered in such foolishness? I would be ashamed of myself. When someone gets a tattoo that is pertaining to God, Jesus, The Bible, Christianity or anything of that sort I see it as a contradiction. Just because you get a tattoo that states a Bible verse doesn’t mean you’re safe from the sin. PAUSE. That was my old mind set. But after a while I started to think and realize that in the bible it also says not to get and body piercings but i have my ears pierced and i have since i was a baby. Yeah you can take the piercing off in a matter of seconds but you still got it didn’t you? So what makes that less of a sin than getting a tattoo? Sins don’t have different degrees. A sin is a sin. No if, ands, or buts. Not saying that I’m okay with sinning or anything, but now I’m just not as stand offish and close  minded as i was before. I can actually appreciate the beauty and art in some of them. The art of tattooing can be a very beautiful thing. I’ve been thinking and I really, really, really want one! I am 16 and I don’t care. If it wasn’t for my religion I would have probably gotten one or about to get one. But since I want to do the right thing, but don’t really know what the right thing to do is right now, I’m not going to do it..for now. Until I feel 100% sure that It is what I want. We are all sins and we all sin. Each and everyday we sin. So me getting a tattoo wouldnt make a difference, now would it? I dont know.




My cousin Benjamin was just born on sunday! I find birth so beautiful. I can not wait to have my own. I know I am only sixteen but I told you guys in my last post that I’m not good with being patient! He is just so cute! And the bond thy he has with his mother(my aunt) at only 3 days old is just beautiful. He knows when his mother is holding him. He smells her. He feels her. Its too cute. Ah but I am waiting for marriage. So until then, no babies for me.



Teens are expected to act like adults while we are still treated like children. I think the hardest age group to be in is the teenage group. Us teens have so much on our plates. Think about it. We don’t have bills to pay. We don’t have to worry about feeding or taking care mini-me’s. We we have no worries right? EH! WRONG! A lot of teens actually do have to help their parents out when it comes to finance. There are actually plenty of teens suffering in this form. No one knows about it, they don’t inform you about it. But honestly…who would? I wouldn’t. Now a days with the economy being so bad, parents are forced to work extra shifts, and more than one job. So who will be home with the kids? The teens. Having to help with homework, feed, clean, bathe, put to sleep a bunch of little kids. Of course its not super duper impossible, but having to worry about studying for your English, French, and Geometry test the next day? It is hard. It is. And this is from personal experience. I am not complaining in any way, shape, or form. I am just providing a reliable example.


Howdy! I am new here hence the title and I have no idea how to work this thing. So I hope you guys bear with me. I feel like this is going to be the awkwardest post only because I don’t really have anything to talk about. I probably sound like the most boring person right now but I am not i swear! As soon as i think of something or actually need to write something I will, PROMISE!