"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope" -Jeremiah 29:11

About Me!

Hey! My name is Gabrielle and I am sixteen years old. When I am asked to speak about myself I find that the most awkward question. How am I suppose to tell you about myself without sounding conceited? I’m just gonna list 12 random facts about me, that should help.

  1. My birthday is on valentines day- Feb.14
  2. I have 5 siblings. (3 biological & 2 step)
  3. I have the ugliest, most awkward laugh. When I laugh, most of the time it’s impossible for me to stop!
  4. I have a very quirky sense of humor
  5. I am of Haitian decent..and a bit of Cuban if you want to count it.
  6. I am a cheerleader!
  7. I am boy crazy. Like it’s really bad lol.
  8. I want to marry an Asian. I love them.
  9. I love shoes. I feel like they make your outfit. If you don’t have the right shoes them the outfit is not complete.
  10. I am a doggy lova. I own a beautiful Rottweiler.
  11. My favorite type of music is old school smooth Hip Hop from around the 80’s and 90’s.(A Tribe Called Quest is my favorite group, look them up!)
  12. I am super forgetful. I would forget my own head if it wasn’t attached to my body…

Don’t be a stranger. It would make me more than happy if you would comment and let me know how you feel on any of my posts!



Comments on: "About Me!" (6)

  1. courtneysking said:

    Hi I like your blog 🙂

  2. hi! first of all let me tell u, u are a great writter… ur posts are awesome and second,u have a very inspirational blog… with the beautiful pictures u ve nailed in here,which is very impressive.keep up the good work my friend.
    well u can also visit my blog http://www.konicadas.wordpress.com and share me ur views. hoping to hear more from u.take care and keep blogging!

  3. Hey
    I liked your blog. It is great. Keep writing.
    I’m kinda new to blogging and I’ll appreciate it if you’ll check my blog out. I’m an Asian (Indian) teen girl.

  4. Georgia Girl said:

    I love your blog! Hey do you mind following me? Thanks!

  5. i like your blog.!please read my blog as well.

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